It’s our challenge to turn your wishes into an unforgettable holiday or event!

After years of spending our holidays as regular guests in Ibiza, we know where to find the hotspots as well as the quiet scenery on this fabulous island.

Our associates, acquaintances and friends always ask us:

  • Where can we find good accommodation?
  • Where can we find nice and quiet beaches?
  • Where can we find the best tapas available?
  • Where to go to experience the nightlife?

Together with some locals, we’ve gathered our knowledge about remarkable locations, beautiful accommodation and a Spanish real estate market. The beginning of Ibizadiferente.

The Ibizadiferente crew would love to introduce you to a different side of Ibiza. From our own experience we can honestly say; she’s got lots to offer.

Sports wise, Ibiza offers plenty of opportunities:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Mountain biking
  • Nordic walking
  • Various water sports


Maak kennis met het team

  • Foto Jeroen

    Jeroen Roodenburg had a professional tennis playing career of 25 years in ‘t Gooi, the Netherlands. During that time he visited Ibiza several times a year. Jeroen will introduce you to the sports activities Ibiza has to offer.


  • 2

    Mirjam Roodenburg has worked in service industries for over 25 years. She’s been a successful entrepreneur for 10 years. Her passion for Ibiza started in the eighties. She knows that great accommodation is key for a pleasant stay on this beautiful island.